Lost & Found (1997​-​2000)

by Dawhud

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    Demos from 97-00. Beats made on a Yamaha SU-10 and an SP1200. Recorded straight to tape, 4-track, digital 12 track, minidisk and ADAT.

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Lost & found demos, early tracks and skits from Dawhud. (1997-2000)

From the jump I’ve told everyone that “Basement Sessions” was really a retelling of my high school and college years. A lot of cats think that must be why the project has that 90s’ sound to it. There’s a little truth to that because some of the tracks that found their way onto “Basement Sessions” were reworked songs that are part of this collection. In all honesty I just do what I do and what I like... if that sounds "golden-age," then so be it.

This collection, "Lost & Found," is made up of early recordings from the original crew I was in, skits from my old radio show and early solo tracks. We all grew up in the same neighborhood and knew each other since we were at least 11/12 years old. The original group was made up of my man Keith (BWIZE), his twin brother Kenneth (KennyMac) & myself. (at the time I went by Negative) Through middle school and high school we held it down. Our group was originally called the "Sycotics" (yes misspelled on purpose) Then we became "S-Y-C" for short and when we added some unofficial members that were in a group called "Young Assassins" we finally became "S-Y-A." (Sycotic Young Assassins) Did we rhyme about being crazy or anything? NO. We were just on some cipher/pass the mic type ish. Basement... freestyling... comp book writing... lunch table beating ish. We kind of were like the Wu-Tang in school. Not as in style, but as in we were a group that had all these spin off groups and unofficial members.

I didn’t originally set out to retell high school and college on "Basement Sessions" like Al Bundy still reliving his football glory as if that’s when I peaked in life …it just kind of came out that way. These tracks were recorded mostly between 97 & 98. Some of these tracks were put down on 4-track, mini disk, ADAT, digital 12 track or straight to a tape deck. (one take… spit in the mic and pass style) So, enjoy these tracks and see how they evolved into what eventually became “Basement Sessions.”

Note: these tracks are not mastered... but then again they are demos.


released October 26, 2010

Produced by Dawhud



all rights reserved


Dawhud Seattle, Washington

DJ, producer & emcee from Sea-town to Indy and back to the PNW. @dawhud

"Battle Anybody" #19 top Hip Hop tracks for 2013 selected by the legendary DJ Premier.

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